Its YOUR Life!

“Deep within us…within you and me, and all people…something was planted by life…something that is trying to come forth into fruitage through human endeavor” -DR.ENERST HOLMES- Are you ready to start right here, right now to jumpstart and celebrate life? Life can be fulfilling, meaningful, rich with love and prosperity. Life can be fun, exciting and full of joy. Yes! Is it for you now? No? Okay lets get going without wasting time. I know you are anxious and looking forward to start straightaway to start celebrating life. Grab the Key. What you were in the past, what you are now, is not going to make a difference. Starting today, starting now, life, is going to be excitingly different for you. Life is ready and poised to give you everything you ever wanted! Right here, right now, you can make it happen. Look at some of the exciting things you will discover and gain. Deep within you is planted the thought seed of your life, the blueprint of your destiny…a success blueprint. Your life’s destination was laid out for you. The day you were born, you started on this journey. You unfolded the map of your life and took the first step.
ISBN: 9781782990772
Type: Paperback
Pages: 234
Published: 10 January 2013
Price: $12.65

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