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Kalki and Andrews will be stalked every step of the way by savage, cruel, ruthless men whose only pleasure is inflicting extreme pain and exacting sweet revenge! Kalki inherits his father's international conglomerate and must immediately defend the compan....
ISBN: 9781782990581
Published: 20 December 2012
“Deep within us…within you and me, and all people…something was planted by life…something that is trying to come forth into fruitage through human endeavor” -DR.ENERST HOLMES- Are you ready to start right here, right now to jumpstart and celebrate life? L....
ISBN: 9781782990772
Published: 10 January 2013
The POWER JOURNAL of life’ is about celebrating life and getting the most out of living. It is about empowering ourselves, and the world we live in. We have always been in charge, but the results have not been consistent. Now we can go for consistency. Li....
ISBN: 9781782990789
Published: 10 January 2013