Its YOUR Life - Live It

Grab the Key. What you were in the past, what you are now, is not going to make a difference. Starting today, starting now, life, is going to be excitingly different for you. Life is ready and poised to give you everything you ever wanted! Right here, right now, you can make it happen. Look at some of the exciting things you will discover and gain. There are more in this book. Use it to empower your life. We are such powerful entities, such powerful beings. We sometimes underrate our potential and live in the dark world of lack and negativity. Deep within you is planted the thought seed of your life, the blueprint of your destiny…a success blueprint. Your life’s destination was laid out for you. The day you were born, you started on this journey. You unfolded the map of your life and took the first step.
ISBN: 9781839458880
Type: Paperback
Pages: 248
Published: 7 April 2021
Price: $12.65

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