Naked In A Snowstorm

A FICTION, FANTASY...A story of love, adventure, war set in Ancient Chine. A fantasy storey... This is a story of courage. of fighting the odds, of living a life of empowerment. Reading Naked in a Snowstorm will take you deep into your soul. It is the story of great battles, mystery, and truth. You will rediscover yourself as you follow the hero, Moh Han. You will identify yourself with him. He is YOU! You will learn to harness the powers of the metaphysical as you follow the great sages Mencius. Lust, love and sacrifice are part of human nature. Naked in a Snowstorm is about these and more. Meet the terrible Kormi, he will make you loathe him. And there is Sze Mei, you will cry with her. Get to know Mei Ling, a woman with unbound love. In a cave, five miles deep, in the bowels of the earth, you will discover what the future holds for you! Discover the mystery behind the sacred virgins! This is a story, a fantasy, that will empower you, motivate you and inspire you to move forward in your life.
ISBN: 9781839458781
Type: Paperback
Pages: 368
Published: 7 April 2021
Price: $12.95

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