Jack Ketch's Puppets

This, the first novel in 'The Borough Boys' series, introduces rookie Police Constable Samson Shepherd and his experienced mentor, Constable John Beddows. Set in Leicester, England, in 1850, and set against an emerging Industrial Town, with its abject poverty, which drew many of the population to seek a life of crime. What do a corrupt Police detective, an incompetent undertaker, a minor borough official, the staff of a local workhouse, and a small group of Irish businessmen have in common? That is the Constables' first major task, following the discovery of a young child's body in a local river. Murder, corruption, child exploitation and depravity unravel. Watch Victorian crime fighting come of age.
ISBN: 9781782993124
Type: Paperback
Pages: 276
Published: 8 April 2013
Price: $12.95

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