Journey to the Crown

Energy flow in the subtle body is as important as blood flow in the physical body, and while one is intangible and the other is not, they are both essential for optimum wellness. If the flow of blood through the body and to the heart is blocked in any way, serious health problems can occur. Blocked energy can have the same effect. Energy needs to flow freely through the subtle body to maintain harmony and balance, but energy can change form as Albert Einstein showed in his equation E=mc2. Therefore, understanding what causes energy to change and create blockages is a vital part of the healing process and wellness. Journey to the Crown is written to encourage the reader to notice, identify and deal with simple problems in their early stages, while energy is still free flowing and in motion, rather than have it change form to matter and present as a serious lifestyle issue or disease, and so make a greater impact. Part One: Chakra Wisdom Discusses the seven chakras, identifies associated lifestyle issues, and proposes ideas that might heal any blockages. It presents the basic challenges that confront each chakra, and offers a worksheet to help you find your purpose and reach your potential. Part Two: The Purpose of Pain Considers why people need to be sick, the benefits of illness, and reasons not to get well. This section isolates each chakra area of the body and discusses some of the associated health issues, and looks at each chakra area of the foot and discusses any relevant foot problem. Part Three: Energy Shifts in Everyday Life Shares seven personal stories as energies realign, clear or balance. Some shifts in energy are easily recognized, while others only become clear in retrospect. Either way, they are transformational moments. I invite you to step into your imagination and come with me on this journey, embracing theories and possibilities along the way. As you bring back what you discover, may you apply it to your everyday life in such a way that it will ground you, and hold you firm in this exciting adventure called life.
ISBN: 9781786973092
Type: Paperback
Pages: 180
Published: 13 September 2016
Price: $11.95

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