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Glenda has chosen to write her second book, Wisdom in Retrospect under the pen name of her grandmother Emma Gilbert, a gentle and loving soul who passed through this life almost unnoticed. She helped Glenda to understand that it is not enough just to believe something, but it is important to share those beliefs, insights and ideas with others. As a reflexology practitioner for over fifteen years, Glenda has come to believe that sickness, disease and pain are not trying to make life difficult and unpleasant; they are conveying a message and attracting attention to an issue that needs to be addressed. She approaches her life and work from an holistic and metaphysical perspective, and these ideas encouraged her to write Holistic Reflexology, the eight principles in 2010, which has sold in 14 countries. She has spoken at conferences, runs workshops and has given many presentations about her holistic approach to life. As she looks back, she can see how so much that made no sense fits perfectly into its place and its time. She sees how so much of what she accepted as thrust upon her was in reality her own creation; drawing her ever closer to an awareness of what she is doing here on the earth, the possibilities before her and her freedom to choose. Glenda keeps an active on-line presence through her website, articles on FaceBook as Holistic-Reflexology,Pinterest as Holistic Lady and LinkedIn. Astrology is also a passionate interest.

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Holistic Reflexology, the eight principles is more than a book about feet. It is a book about life, self-discovery and understanding the messages that the body is trying to convey. Your feet are not sore nor your body in distress to make your life unpleas....
ISBN: 9781785101649
Published: 9 October 2014
Energy flow in the subtle body is as important as blood flow in the physical body, and while one is intangible and the other is not, they are both essential for optimum wellness. If the flow of blood through the body and to the heart is blocked in any way....
ISBN: 9781786973092
Published: 13 September 2016
How often does life deal a blow that you didn’t see coming, but in retrospect discover that it was the best thing that could have happened? Wisdom in Retrospect is 64 lessons about life that many would have experienced at some time. The stories are writte....
ISBN: 9781784079376
Published: 4 August 2014