Lennox Legacy Lyrics

This book contains poetry, drawings and photographs collated during the Save Lennox Campaign. Lennox was taken from his home under the Breed Specific Legislation that exists throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland and most of the major countries of the world (at the time of going to press). Some areas of the world are forward thinking and have implemented better control over dogs deemed dangerous and use techniques to either train the dog, train the owner or both. Lennox was unfortunate that he was taken under rules in place in Norther Ireland and after a two year battle by his family and thousands of supporters world-wide Belfast City Council followed their laws in place and put Lennox to sleep. Other dogs taken under similar circumstances were allowed home under exception. All profits made from the sale of this book go directly to the DDA Watch team.
ISBN: 9781781769591
Type: Paperback
Pages: 73
Published: 21 November 2012
Price: $6.49

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