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Poetry was alien to me before I joined a local writing group, in 2010. It seemed to be a very restrictive and disciplined art form. Listening to the work of fellow writers, I began to discover the freedom of expression in poetry, the many interesting variations, meanings and emotions portrayed in this type of work. With some trepidation I began to experiment and put forward my work for consideration by fellow writers. By doing so I found new and exciting inspirations which gave birth to my interest and appreciation of poetry. In recent years I have put together enough work to enable me to publish some of my poems. It is my hope that readers will enjoy reading my work and much as I have enjoyed writing these contributions to the book. The subjects of my poems are wide and varied, and are often the result of projects put forward by the members of the two Writing Groups which I attend. Of course these groups explore all forms of writing including novels, stories and plays. I have published in each of these areas, but it is poetry that I now find the deepest level of emotions. There are a number of interpretations of exactly what poetry is and how it should be formed. I respect all opinions on this matter. In my view it should simply be enjoyed in all ts forms. If I can help my readers to simply enjoy the work, then I have achieved what I set out to do. I would encourage anyone who feels so inclined, to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and write. Write frequently; though in come cases you may feel you don't have the talent. Never be put off. Join your nearest Writing Group and experience the work and companionship of other writers. Listen, with grace, to all feedback and be sure that your feedback is of great value to others. You never know, you may just discover the author in you and you may be lucky enough to be discovered in turn. Thank you for taking a look at my book. Peter McGeehan
ISBN: 9781788765794
Type: Paperback
Pages: 82
Published: 2 November 2018
Price: $9.29

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