The Loves of a Liverpool Lad

The story starts in Liverpool in the early 1960’s. Liam Parry is in his last year at school and falls in love, for the first time, with a visiting Student Teacher, Angela Hughes. Angela is unaware of his infatuation at this time but Liam’s teenage dreams come true many years later when they meet again by chance. Their relationship blossoms into romance and marriage. The story is written in the form of a fictional auto-biography. Liam leaves school and after working for a short period in industry he becomes a student psychiatric nurse. His experiences in this environment give rise to many life changing moments. The story explores the highs and lows of new romance, dealing with the unexpected, humour, triumphs and tragedies which life can throw at you, which many readers will identify with. Liam eventually meets and marries a well known Country singing star, Lacey Jay Black. This proves to be a roller coaster ride which tests Liam to his emotional limits. Lacey becomes dependent on drugs and this leads to Liam being almost killed in a knife attack when Lacey is confronted about her problem. Lacey goes to prison and Liam stays true to her, trying to resolve issues after her release. Despite all his efforts the marriage ends and Liam is driven to the depths of despair, contemplating suicide. With the help of family and friends Liam recovers and life improves for him. Throughout the story, the book tells of Liam’s experiences with family and friends and the influences they have on him. His best friend, James Cooke, plays an important part in helping Liam through the bad times. Eventually, they work together in the clothing industry. The Cooke family are successful wholesale traders and Liam is brought into the business. However, before Liam leaves the Health Service he does a spell as manager of a Care Home where he meets Angels again. Angela’s father is a resident of the home and provides the initial link that sparks the new romance for Liam. Angela is a freelance journalist and at first they don’t get much time together. This changes when they decide to get married and set up business together. Liam qualifies as a pilot and with the help of one of Angela’s friends, in the aircraft hire business, they work together. The story takes us all over the world, encompassing interlinked stories about the music scene, International Trade and Journalism. The timescale is helped by linking events in the story with National and International events between the early 60’s and early 90’s. The reader is invited to ‘enjoy the ride.’
ISBN: 9781788760799
Type: Paperback
Pages: 278
Published: 20 October 2017
Price: $12.95

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