Lucy Pebble's Miracle

copyright 2014 by Lorraine O'Byrne “Lucy Pebble’s Miracle” is a story to capture the wondrous imagination of young children. Embraced by its vivid imagery and endearing characters,readers will find themselves magically swept along with the adventure. This heart warming tale unfolds in an enchanted wood called Willow Grove. Here lives a charming little robin named Lucy Pebbles and the miracle that is her new baby brother Oscar. All in Willow Grove excitedly await the arrival of the new fledglings. There is much chatter and anticipation as the long wait finally comes to an end. However, as each day dawns and eventually all the fledglings are born, only one egg does not hatch. It is the Pebble family egg. Time goes on and hope begins to fade. Lucy is forced to contend with her classmate, Mary Sue, who is boastful of her two new siblings and adamant that there is something wrong with the Pebble egg, “Don’t get angry with me Lucy Pebble, the truth’s, the truth, you know as well as I do that every egg must hatch within 21 days, else it’s no good.”
ISBN: 9781784078560
Type: Paperback
Pages: 46
Published: 4 July 2014
Price: $5.65

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