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Originating from county Limerick in Ireland, Lorraine O' Byrne has been writing children's stories since she was a child. Following an arts degree in the university of Limerick she went on to complete a diploma earning herself a distinction in freelance journalism. Several of her articles are published on the Internet magazine Having a passion for writing, Lorraine decided to do a creative writing course with The Killaloe Hedge School of Writing, from there she published her first children's book "The Hippity Dippity Witch." She has since then published several children's stories some of which can be purchased as Ebooks on Amazon Kindle. Lorraine lives on a farm with her husband Donal. A lot of her inspiration for kids stories comes from her own animals, Walt Disney and specifically her childhood. Lorraine is currently working on a children's novel.

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copyright 2014 by Lorraine O'Byrne “Lucy Pebble’s Miracle” is a story to capture the wondrous imagination of young children. Embraced by its vivid imagery and endearing characters,readers will find themselves magically swept along with the adventure. This....
ISBN: 9781784078560
Published: 4 July 2014
What terrible thing has happened to Willow Grove? Once a beautiful haven, now a scene of total devastation. The creatures of the forest cower in terror but from what? There is a cruel magic at hand here. It is up to Jenny to solve the mystery and save her....
ISBN: 9781781763919
Published: 31 May 2012
Bobby a six month border collie pup must leave home and his best friend to begin a new life on a farm. He is lonely and confused and doesn't get on with the other animals. Henrietta the cat is mean and Duggie duck keeps making fun of him. Is this the end ....
ISBN: 9781782990888
Published: 12 January 2013