Mad Magda's Naughty Adult Fairytales

Red Riding Hood became Red Riding Rude; Rumplestiltskin became Crumplesplitskin, whilst the Three Little Pigs metamorphosed into the Three Massive Porkers! Yes, indeed Fairytales were not quite the same after Mad Magda the witch re-wrote them for adults. The tales in this book are much nastier, naughtier and far more humorous. Fairytale folk still kill and eat each other – but they also fart, vomit, poo their pants and indulge in dubious sexual relationships! Mad Magda wanted these tales to be read by those adults,who had been ‘tainted’ by the original versions. In effect, she wanted to re-write their childhoods. Did you read fairytales as a child? Then please read this book and you can judge for yourself if Mad Magda succeeded...
ISBN: 9781781761496
Type: Paperback
Pages: 84
Published: 15 March 2012
Price: $9.29