Magic, Sex and Tricks

By Dan Fry
Marie McNally was raised by a strict and sadistic religious mother, who turned her back on Marie when she became thirteen. Her mother called her own daughter a ‘witch’ on a regular basis, just because Marie would occasionally question the bible. When Marie had enough of the abuse, she embarked on a life learning journey and found herself embroiled within a fascinating new-world, meeting some very liberal and spiritual people with abilities who helped her to find sexual liberation through a transcending process. Marie meets her future husband, Matthew, in the exciting, maniacal chaos of her new-world, and their relationship is pretty indestructible in the first few years, but they soon discover that the sexual compatibility only occurs whilst travelling through over dimensions during the transcendental meditation. When Matthew admits to being gay, Marie attempts to perverse the course of nature. Marie faces a life long quest to lure her man back and enjoy him in the real-world, despite his alternative sexuality. Eventually, Marie begins to question whether the malevolent side of her mother is beginning to prevail. A story of unrequited love and libidinous sex amidst a backdrop of the real-world and another parallel-world, where anything is possible and where fantasies really do turn into reality.
ISBN: 9781785109027
Type: Paperback
Pages: 181
Published: 23 June 2015
Price: $11.95

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