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I have been writing stories for many years, but for the most part, they have been predominantly screenplays that I have subsequently made into short and feature films, some of which have been entered at film festivals, and have gained notoriety with high viewing figures on internet platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo and on my website. 'Magic, Sex and Tricks' is my first foray into fictional novel writing and although it is much different to writing screenplays, where a lot of emphasis is placed on the dialogue, it was an all encompassing joy to write and enabled me to really become descriptive, embellishing the locations and fantasies in my romance/adult novel, and provided me the freedom to delve much deeper into the plot, setting, structure, characters and sub-plots. I did envision the story as a film quite often, but I think this helped me to create a far more interesting, amplified story where boundaries had dissipated.

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Marie McNally was raised by a strict and sadistic religious mother, who turned her back on Marie when she became thirteen. Her mother called her own daughter a ‘witch’ on a regular basis, just because Marie would occasionally question the bible.When Marie....
ISBN: 9781785109027
Published: 23 June 2015