Master Trading the Financial Markets

This is not a get rich quick book. This book will afford both novice and experienced retail (trading from home on a computer) traders alike a comprehensive understanding of the financial markets. The author principally targets the novice on-line trader but areas of the book also provide seasoned traders with new insights into the financial markets as well as alternative trading strategies. In simple to understand concise language, enhanced by relevant graphics, all the key trading tools available for on-line traders are explained in such detail that novice traders should be able to master trading the financial markets effectively and seasoned traders reassess their trading styles for the better. The book concentrates on mastering the currency markets and the binary options markets, however it also contains chapters on bond trading, futures, stocks, indices and options in detail. The book lays open the myth that the forex markets are a mystery and the author uses his 30 years’ experience as an investment banker to cut through the noise and provide a sharpened view of how the financial markets should be traded. The nine chapters fully illuminate the following topics. Chapter 1 Mastering Forex Fundamentals Chapter 2 Mastering Candlestick Charts Chapter 3 Mastering Technical Analysis Chapter 4 Mastering Fundamental Analysis Chapter 5 Mastering Complex Trading Tools Chapter 6 Getting a Trading Edge Chapter 7 Mastering Other Asset Classes Chapter 8 Mastering Binary Options Chapter 9 Central Banks and the European Union
ISBN: 9781786107091
Type: Paperback
Pages: 298
Published: 10 February 2016
Price: $12.95

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