Men Slaughter

Obsessed by a fortune-teller's prediction at a fairground, a young girl embarks upon a fateful journey to fulfil what she believes to be her destiny. After the death of her mother, she rebels against authority, becoming prey to an older man who takes advantage of the wayward teenager. Despite her erratic behaviour, she gains a place at university. Revelling in her new freedom, she believes her personality and good looks are her greatest assets; consequently, admirers must fund her lifestyle by paying for her favours. She forsakes her studies to embark on this reckless but potentially lucrative career move towards fame and fortune. Tragedy strikes when she unwittingly meets a violent criminal who viciously assaults her. Following her eventual recovery, her father arranges a period of recuperation in Thailand. On the night before the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004, she meets a young man at a beach party. They survive the disaster but she loses her father and step-mother in the catastrophe. Her sister arrives to bring her home to England, where she re-invents herself. Believing the man who originally assaulted her was responsible for her tragic loss, she seeks retribution, resulting in severe consequences. After drawing her younger sister into her dark world, their plans for revenge run out of control; they become victims. Their irresponsible actions attract the attention of the police who are conducting a similar on-going investigation. The sisters become suspects in addition to being victims. Arrested, interrogated and charged, they weave a web of deceit, implicating an old friend. Unwittingly, their lies attract the attention of the security services, adding to the severity of their situation.
ISBN: 9781788768559
Type: Paperback
Pages: 288
Published: 15 May 2019
Price: $12.95

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