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Author, James R. Vance has lived in the Limousin region of France for almost twenty years. During this period, he has published five mystery crime novels, one biography and five historical fiction novels, launching the last of that series, The Housekeeper at the Charroux Literary Festival in August 2017. At the event, he ran a workshop on ‘Scene Setting & Transition’ before participating in a forum with two other historical fiction writers. He has also written several short stories for two anthologies: French Briefs and The Magic Diary. He contributes to local newspapers and magazines and in 2014, he participated in a four-day spectacular at Bridiers in the Creuse department to mark the centenary commemoration of WWI—an acting role, as a poilu, a French infantry soldier. A month later, he took on a similar role as a cannonier in a weekend tribute event. He resumed a similar role in the 2015 centenary celebration to mark the end of WWII. Also during 2015, he participated in the first 3-day Charroux Literary Festival, running a workshop on ‘Structure in Writing Fiction’. He was a founder member of La Souterraine Writers’ Group, which produced several published authors over the past years. In addition to writing, he has also held workshops in the Haute Vienne département for aspiring writers.

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