Morgan's Inheritance

Following John Morgan’s untimely death his son, Robert, makes an astonishing discovery whilst going through his late father’s papers. In his father’s safe, Robert finds documents showing that, shortly before he died, John had deposited millions of dollars into several Swiss banks. Not knowing where his father had obtained the money or why, Robert sets off in search of some answers. Unknown to Robert, the consortium of corrupt Nigeran government officials, from whom Morgan had stolen the money, had employed the services of a ruthless and sadistic killer, Akintola Mwengi to recover it. Mwengi and his accomplice, Mackenzie Balewa, follow Robert to Switzerland where they plan to force him to hand over the money. Before they can strike, however, Robert is snatched from under their noses by Zeta Markoba, a beautiful agent working for the Nigerian Military Intelligence. Zeta explains to Robert the true extent of the problem he has inherited. What follows is a terrifying chase across Europe, which eventually ends back home in England where, with the help of British Military Special Forces, the affair is brought to a devastating conclusion.
ISBN: 9781781763148
Type: Paperback
Pages: 244
Published: 10 May 2012
Price: $12.89

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