Watch out, watch out, there's an Alpha female about! What if you've been told you have everything you could wish for, yet you know there is still a hole in your life? You do something about it. If you dare. Virginia Mendes dares. Not only is she certain that life has more to offer, she is convinced she owes it to herself to find out just how much. A keystroke. A click. Adieu the bourgeois bliss of her brittle marriage. Hello, the titillation of virtual romance. But is the grass greener on the cyber side? And what if she dared to take the adventure a step further? Or should we say: closer? Will she discover her better half? Or something much much more? A maelstrom of intellectual questions allied with online sex and hard-core humour. This dazzling cyber romance is for people like Virginia: for people who dare. If you like real-to-life erotica, hauntingly brilliant social commentary and provocative female leads, then you'll love Joan Barbara Simon's groundbreaking novel. Amazon UK: ‘This is quite simply one of the most extraordinary and brilliant books I have ever read. The prose is rich and honeyed but hidden beneath it are so many sinister, complex, and insightful layers that you could spend a lifetime peeling them away and still be no closer to exhausting this book's possibilities. And yet, for all devotees of the most literary fiction could enjoy themselves to their heart's content, there is nothing at all dry about Mut@tus. Its prose, like its subject matter, leaps to life off the page. Dark, disturbing, and forensically brilliant at dissecting twenty-first century sexuality. It has everything Anais Nin and Brett Easton Ellis have, wrapped up in the same incredible package’. YouWriteOn: ‘This is some luscious prose. This goes beyond erotica, beyond the culturally censurable. It is sheer beauty as was Henry Miller at his most liberated. I back this confidently, gloriously’. Authonomy: ‘Written with courage, honesty, originality and artistry’. YouWriteON: ‘I don’t know what tablets you’re taking, but do, please, keep taking them. They seem to be working wonders. If you can get them on the NHS, please let me know’.
ISBN: 9781786970794
Type: Paperback
Pages: 240
Published: 14 June 2016
Price: $12.65

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