Shaking Thoughts

The endless see-saw of love's pursuit and life's reality pierces the soul, and the heart wounded, compassionately sees at once injustice's hold, and loves freedom (Kent Beausoleil). Who got drunk on rain water because they had run out of booze? (Andras Farkas). She witnessed bosomy, naked women riding masked, masterful men like fanatical thunderbirds on the muddy streets; elegant, disguised women enlivened by the blossoming instrument of scruffy, criminal men trying to survive by penetrating flesh in the Risucchian gutters.Suddenly, her eyes gave birth to sacred abstractions. She. She is writing (Laura Gentile). They are writing. Shaking Thoughts. Edited by Dr Joan Barbara Simon, author of the novels Long Time Walk on Water and Mut@tus. Shaking Thoughts. Creative writing at its best.
ISBN: 9781781769645
Type: Paperback
Pages: 324
Published: 21 November 2012
Price: $13.88

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