My Hungarian family

This is the story of the Bozzay family originating from 1271. My grandparents and great-grandparents were of minor nobility. My grandmother Margit Bozzay was a well-known author and journalist in the 1930s who divorced her husband in the 1920s when divorce was not allowed by the Catholic Church. My mother's family was Jewish. They planned to emigrate and my mother was sent to Paris to join her brother in 1924 but she had to return to look after her parents when her father became ill. After he died she met my father, got engaged and married against both their mothers' wishes in 1935 at a time when there was much discrimination against Jews. After the Second World War, my mother lost many relatives in concentration camps and tried to escape with me unsuccessfully. She was thrown into prison and I became paralyzed by polio. She managed to rehabilitate me and after a year got me walking again. After two operations in 1956, we managed to escape from Communism and arrived in England to stay with my uncle. I became a boarder in a convent school and after leaving school I studied Chemistry at University where I met my husband. My father managed to leave Hungary in 1961. After gaining a Chemistry degree and marrying my husband, also a Chemist, I worked in research, and then as a teacher for nearly thirty years. Instead of taking retirement I retrained and worked as a chiropodist and also gained a second degree in Humanities I have had three successful married daughters who are working, each with two children. Although my ability to walk has been slowly deteriorating due to having breast cancer, Hepatitis C and Post Polio Syndrome I have found ways to overcome these difficulties with the help of my husband .
ISBN: 9781788766807
Type: Paperback
Pages: 268
Published: 11 January 2019
Price: $12.95

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