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I have lived in England for nearly sixty years, married and Englishman, have three married daughters and five grandchildren but I was born in Budapest during the war and while trying to escape from communism I was struck down by polio and was unable to walk for a year. My mother bravely rehabilitated me and after two operations we managed to cross the border in 1956 and arrived in England where my uncle lived with his English family. I was given a free place at a boarding school run by kind nuns and after gaining my A levels attended university where I met my husband. We were both studying chemistry. After we were married and my two daughters were born I started a teaching career which lasted twenty six years. Now I work as a chiropodist and study with the Open University. My problems with walking have returned after having had breast cancer which was overcome with two operations, but now I have what is called 'Post polio Syndrome' which is causing problems. I manage to keep working with the support of my wonderful husband and children and keep my spirits up when I am told by people who have read my book that they have enjoyed reading it.

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