Dr. Alexander Burnett is a CIA officer who happens to be in Moscow in 1991 and is caught in the midst of the coup staged by communist hardliners. He is able to convince the commander of the Soviet armor unit sent to evict Boris Yeltsin from the Parliament building of the Russian Republic to turn his gun instead to the coup plotters. Because he has an intimate relationship with a KGB woman, Burnett is dismissed from the service and returns to his work in Antarctica as a researcher. The new CIA director needs him to locate a missing Russian ballistic missile submarine. Burnett returns to Moscow and discovers that he has got a son with the woman who now works with the Russian FSB, the successor to the KGB. Together, they search for the missing submarine and discover that it is taken to Antarctica by a group of former KGB officers-turned terrorists. The nuclear warheads are buried deep under the ice in Antarctica. If they would explode, the ice would melt and would sink the world under two hundred feet of water.
ISBN: 9781784077082
Type: Paperback
Pages: 437
Published: 20 May 2014
Price: $12.95

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