Dr. Menor Rasad is engaged to Maharmah. According to their tradition, he is required to put up dowry. But instead of delivering the money provided him by his sister, he instead absconds with it and leaves secretly for the United States. But before he departs, he explains to her that the money has not arrived in the bank from London. While in the States, he rescues Stephanie in a car accident. She happens to be the daughter of the second richest American, John Schroeder. He reveals to them his decision to forfeit his engagement because he says he needs money. John Schroeder adopts him as his son helps him take back his ex-fiancee. What Dr. Rasad does not know is that he is declared dead by policemen and government agents. His quest to rekindle his engagement is complicated by the Fact that Stephanie is also secretly in love with him. Maharmah also conceals from him her marital status, because she does not love the man forcibly wed to her by her parents. When Dr. Rasad proposes to marry Maharmah after she has divorced her husband through the manipulation of the Americans, he is required to deliver a different kind of dowry. Frustrated in his second attempt, Dr. Rasad decides to return back to the States, but Maharmah saves the day for him.
ISBN: 9781784076146
Type: Paperback
Pages: 730
Published: 18 April 2014
Price: $16.45

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