Nearly Normal

Alex Belojica is a natural psychic - a Runecaster and Numerologist based in South Wales with many years experience. Runecasting is a northern European form of divination, Numerology is a sister science to astrology developed in the East. He regularly attends shows, fairs and events and reads for people in their own homes. This book is a set of connected essays about his work, the experiences he has and continues to have and offers the reader a look into the world of a full-time psychic. It is meant to challenge and inform, to provoke discussion and give the reader impetus to delve deeper into this world at any level they choose. The book is aimed at people who either have little interest currently in the spiritual/clairvoyant world or those who have ‘put a toe in the water’ and wish to discover more. It is at times light-hearted and quirky; at others historically and academically based – in effect a collection of connected sections reflecting the life and work of the author.
ISBN: 9781788763189
Type: Paperback
Pages: 200
Published: 18 April 2018
Price: $11.95

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