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Alex Belojica is the son of an Eastern European father and an English mother and grew up in the Sherwood forest on the border of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. A self confessed literary 'nut' he spent many years working in the civil service but had a fascination for the spiritual and mystical side of things most of his adult life. A professional psychic and clairvoyant he now lives in South Wales and spends his time reading for his clients at shows and events across the region offering face to face readings and the chance to have a personal Numerology Chart drawn up by him. Alex also visits people in their own homes to guide them via the Nordic Runestones and delivers workshops on Norse Mythology and related topics. He decided to write his book 'Nearly Normal' to further spread the word about his life and work and to encourage others in their own studies in life. His second book' Nine World Journey' is a basic guide to Norse Mythology which underpins his Rune wok.

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Alex Belojica is a natural psychic - a Runecaster and Numerologist based in South Wales with many years experience. Runecasting is a northern European form of divination, Numerology is a sister science to astrology developed in the East. He regularly atte....
ISBN: 9781788763189
Published: 18 April 2018
The myths and legends of Northern Europe are part of the culture of the lands in which they are set. Rooted in the Nordic culture the tales speak of giants and elves, Gods and Goddesses and are a rich tapestry to be savoured.However much of this body of w....
ISBN: 9781803023168
Published: 13 January 2022