Nine Moments In Time

Nine Moments In Time is a collection of a wide range of human experiences in the life of one girl surrounded by men. The stories are provocative, funny, erotic, tender and entertaining. They are stories of love, ambition, power, lust, humor and tragedy. Tina is bored with her mandane holiday life and tries being a Champagne Girl for one night but has she got what it takes? … A wealthy man with his own plane is risking his reputation just to woo Tina. Who was he and why was he attacked by a total stranger? … As a seven year old, Tina is the only witness to a rape case but does she know what sex is? … Tina plays cupid with fatal consequences. Will she take the blame and accept the responsibilities?… Using her teaching skills, would Tina be able to teach an illiterate bush woman how to create her signature and stop thumb printing? … Tina is chosen at random on International Women’s Day for an audience with the cardinal. How did the day go? … Every visitor to London has a queue bonding experience to remember. Would Tina want to remember hers?… Tina‘s wealthy admirer has a shocking secret past. Is he trustworthy?… Tina is in love with a tall cool handsome man but her friendship with a gay woman has compromised her position. Will she or wo’nt she?
ISBN: 9781782993926
Type: Paperback
Pages: 96
Published: 9 May 2013
Price: $9.29

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