The Denkyirahene [1500-2017]

The occupant of the Royal Denkyira Stool 'The Bankam Dwa' is called 'The Denkyirahene.' The Bankam Dwa is the heart and soul of Denkyiraman. The Denkyira State began as the Agona State ruled by the Agona Royal Family. The Chief Priest of the ruling Agona Family was Komfo Anokye who became famous in the Asante Empire. The Parrot is the totem or symbol of the Agona Clan. The Denkyira King Ntim Gyakari was the son of King Osei Tutu I of the Asante Empire. The Denkyira king Nana Kojo Tibu I was the king who led the team which signed the Bond of 1844. The main qualifying criteria for the Denkyira stool is that the contesting Agona Royal should be able to prove lineage with any one of the previous Denkyirahenes. The one should be knowledgeable in Denkyira history and must be of sound mind and attitude. Be literate with a good standard of education. This little book is the most authentic write-up on the history of the Denkyirahene collated from records, research reports, oral interviews, personal insider information and analysis of all data out in the public domain most of which are either incomplete or false. It is very simple, gives you facts and information not published and lightweight as a travel read. It is a historian's ideal companion, it is factual and academic. It is easy for students of all levels to use and understand. This book is just right in size and volume as a leisure read for information.
ISBN: 9781786979339
Type: Paperback
Pages: 88
Published: 12 August 2017
Price: $9.29

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