Noah's Harbour

The grassroots of Noah's Harbour lie with an attack, by pirates, on a merchant ship, back in 1722. The attack caused the ship and its entire crew, bar one, to sink into the icy depths of the ocean. The discovery of the ships’ wreck centuries later and her return to her home port of Noah’s Harbour, for restoration, triggers a series of adventures for a young group of friends living in the harbour, for the ship, known as the Lunarve, possesses strong, magical powers activated only by the close proximity of the three main characters; Zach, Summer & Captain Will Warne. The first book in the series is divided into three parts, with each part focusing on the day the characters meet. The days’ events are described from their individual perspectives, helping the reader to consider the story line from different angles, which in turn opens up questions and allows a deeper insight into each character. Noah’s Harbour, as a series, will take our friends on many adventures when, in their quest to unlock the secrets of time, they will each learn something new about themselves.
ISBN: 9781782995791
Type: Paperback
Pages: 115
Published: 21 June 2013
Price: $10.25

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