Number 34 Appleton Close

Nothing much surprises Counsellor Maggie Sayer. She has seen it all, or thinks she has. Meeting two very different clients, both with complex needs, challenge Maggie’s perception and professional outlook. Lindy is incarcerated in a young offender’s institute, a place where she feels safe, and experiences a degree of comfort previously unknown in her young life. Abandoned by her mother and cruelly separated from her brother, Lindy is alone and afraid. Can Maggie take a step back from Lindy’s situation or will her instincts and emotions take over? Carol expected to find happiness and security in a marriage to an older, wealthy man, but soon learns that life is not what she hoped it would be. Maggie does her best to help Carol untangle her problems, but soon discovers that everything is not as it seems at number 34 Appleton Close.
ISBN: 9781786972880
Type: Paperback
Pages: 292
Published: 9 September 2016
Price: $12.95

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