"I felt dizzy as I made my way to look closer at that particular window. I have never experienced what now occurred and I never want to again. The figure inside the stained glass was robed in deep blue with a red cloak...a male figure dressed in some kind of toga, maybe a figure taken from the Old Testament. And I swear, here and now, that it WAS moving...the face reached out from the body as it peered down at me. It was haggard, long, thin, with a craggy jawline and the eyes... oh, I shall never forget the eyes..." This is just one of the strange happenings when a young writer meets up with an old school friend, Kathy, who she has not seen or heard of for some years. Who is the real Kathy? Does Cappella House hold an evil presence and is this the cause of her descent into further illness?
ISBN: 9781803023779
Type: Paperback
Pages: 84
Published: 15 February 2022
Price: $9.29

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