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Linda ( L or L A) Taylor was born in Hastings, a seaside town on the south east coast of England, brought up in a guest house with old people. There were eccentrics living with her family there who proved inspiring when she took up writing. She has self published several novels in various genres and volumes of short stories: romances, two thrillers, novels about unusual friendships and relationships within family and other groups. She has also recently written three comic style stories for children. So far, three of her short stories have also been published in a local magazine GOLDEN TIMES and one story in a publication of stories by authors worldwide entitled AN ECLECTIC MIX Vol 1. Story writing was her love at school and in her 40's she began to write. Work and personal set- backs meant she was only able to publish when she retired in her late 50's. Her father was originally a violinist until injuries incurred in the second world war ended that career. Her mother was Flemish and one of seven children. Linda is thus the seventh child of the seventh child. She is interested in psychic phenomena and has written "13 Stranger Stories", "Telling Dreams", "In Her Image" and "One Weekend" that reveal her interest in the 'unknown' and her love of ghost stories. On occasion, she has 'felt' the imminent death of other people. She worked as a clerk in a bank and in private local companies and finally for the County Council in the Fostering and Adoption department and in Adult Social Care.

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"I felt dizzy as I made my way to look closer at that particular window. I have never experienced what now occurred and I never want to again. The figure inside the stained glass was robed in deep blue with a red cloak...a male figure dressed in some kind....
ISBN: 9781803023144
Published: 6 January 2022
An enchanting and humorous story of two apparent strangers, one elderly, one young, whose growing friendship crosses any barriers of age and reveals an inexplicable bond that recognises nothing of time.
ISBN: 9781803023106
Published: 6 January 2022