OR NOT TO BE When Andrew Davnet, an American director of documentary films, is commissioned to produce a TV programme for the BBC on the authorship of the plays and sonnets attributed to William Shakespeare, he encounters a host of obstacles. Moreover, they grow in magnitude. As the research gathers pace and more facts about the Bard come to light, the greater the obstacles faced by Davnet and his team. Concerns are harboured by the Rosicrucian fraternity - of which Shakespeare was a member. Howevr, decidedly more dangerous is a long-established masonic brotherhood which attempts to thwart the project. Gradually, the true role performed by Shakespeare; by whom the plays were actually written; and the author and purpose of the sonnets, all come to light. Such revelations also lead Davnet to discover the overbearing influence Viscount St Alban had on King James the First; and his involvement in the compilation of the monarch`s version of the Bible. The underlying cause of the aggression meted out to Davnet, his family, and his colleagues.
ISBN: 9781786109200
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 552
Published: 26 April 2016
Price: $14.95

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