One Power Consciousness - CHANGE

Change, everything is forever changing and so humanity must change now. The biggest enemy to change is ignorance and therefor, this book identifies the elements of ignorance and helps to break the chain's of ignorance, which hold us captive to bring about lack and limitation. This book is information transfer and it will help the reader to become spiritualised and empowered to differentiate between the dominating powers in humanity being the power of good and bad. Two power consciousness is destructive, whereas, One Power Consciousness of God and good is creative. We come to appreciate that the human experience is dominated by power and unless we obtain God Power we will continue to be slaves to ignorance with lack and limitations and a belief in two powers of God and evil. This must change, in order for us to be the ultimate winner in the end game, as we behold the inevitable fall of this system of things a being unfit for purpose.
ISBN: 9781786102621
Type: Paperback
Pages: 140
Published: 30 October 2019
Price: $10.25

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