One Power Consciousness - NOW

Mankind desires to be set free from Ignorance. Our belief system needs to change if we want to be set free from a belief in two powers, God and Evil or good and bad. Time for positive change is now. Take possession of One Power Consciousness, of God and good. Be liberated from fear, anxiety, worry, any sickness and death. Bring about health, wealth, love and perfect self-expressions, the perfect square of life. These changes come to us by means of belief in One Power, God and good. The power of Evil and bad are to be banished and removed from our thoughts. What we think about we bring about, which is the underlying concept of this book. Lovers of light and life are gathered together to embrace the One Power consciousness, a belief in God and good. Embrace the faith that can preserve alive its owner. Become one power conscious and take hold of super abundance of good with health, wealth, love and perfect happiness. You are blessed..
ISBN: 9781786105738
Type: Hardback + Dust Jacket
Pages: 136
Published: 21 December 2015
Price: $16.75

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