One off, Sir!

Edward Riley is well used to violence. He can take it, and dish it out. The other side of him is that he respects women; in fact he dotes on his mother. On release from prison, he meets a young girl who will change his life. Little does she know of his intention to seek revenge for an attempt on his life while inside…ordered by an old mate. Ed Riley survived with twenty-five stitches. Not so his attacker, he had to be swept up and put into a body bag. He’d been thrown over the top landing, falling head-first against the bottom floor. He now knows who shopped him for a post office robbery. Powerfully built and honed to perfection. Someone won’t sleep very well tonight—Big Ed’s out! ADULT READING!
ISBN: 9781839453694
Type: Paperback
Pages: 234
Published: 10 July 2020
Price: $12.65

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