The Secrets of the Forest - The Time Zone

Ten-year-old Tommy, unable to walk without supports since birth, lives with his gran on the edge of a large forest. His life changes after he encounters a run-down cottage belonging to an old lady living on the far side, her only companion being, Saber, a big, black cat. Shunned by the locals as a witch, visitors are a rare thing indeed. She creates a potion that enables Tommy to walk. However, he’s told that there is a price to pay. They are soon on a journey of discovery deep within the forest. Saber is able to change its usual form as they enter a ‘Time Zone’ on their way to meet the Keeper of the Forest. Here, time runs at twenty times slower than outside the zone. Awe- inspiring scenes abound as they traverse a trail unknown to normal people. A meal with Mr. Keeper in a magnificent dining room awaits them after they navigate a perilous waterfall and enter a secret door. The trio travel on an 'Underground System’ to assist in a rescue mission. They visit the wonderful ‘Statue Room’ with its own tale to tell. ‘The Secrets of the Forest’, an amazing children’s story!
ISBN: 9781782997955
Type: Paperback
Pages: 86
Published: 7 August 2013
Price: $9.29

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