Our Spot in the World

Locked up in a mental facility for the umpteenth time, eighteen-year-old Blaire executes her escape plan, jumping over the wall in the darkness of night. She discovers a beautiful place, empty and isolated - just like her. She meets a strange boy who doesn’t seem afraid of her. He doesn’t treat her like a wild animal like everybody else does. While navigating this new double life, Blaire battles between feelings of abandonment from her parents, confusing lust for her young psychiatrist, who seems a bit too keen to have a private session with her, and keeping her new secret from her best friend in the facility. But above all this, Blaire is being pulled by her growing curiosity towards Chet, the stranger from the field. Why does he feel safe? Why is he not scared of her? How can a stranger be the only one to make her feel like she’s not destined for destruction? Mum says don’t trust strangers, trust those you know. But who can really be trusted, the people who are meant to be looking after her or the stranger she’s falling for? With her discharge day fast approaching, things just might be about to get a whole lot worse for Blaire.
ISBN: 9781803026305
Type: Paperback
Pages: 312
Published: 14 December 2023
Price: $12.95

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