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E. L. Hicks is a new author living in England, UK. When she is not learning the craft of the literary world, she enjoys watching anything entertainment, from true crime documentaries, the latest blockbuster movies, or a binge-worthy TV show. Her current favourite author is Lucy Clarke and she's enjoying reading thrillers at the moment. Her self-published debut book Our Spot in the World is available now on all major platforms and is a YA novel, directed at anyone struggling with mental health and finding their place in the world. E. L. Hicks is a big advocate for mental health and has a passion for destroying the stigma surrounding mental health and believes anyone and everyone can get better, no matter how far gone they may feel in the moment. She is currently working on a London crime drama series and is also venturing into the poetry world. You can find her on Instagram at @moolouwrites and on twitter/X at @moo_writes. She hopes you enjoy her work, feel free to reach out to her at any time for feedback and questions and thanks you for your support.

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Locked up in a mental facility for the umpteenth time, eighteen-year-old Blaire executes her escape plan, jumping over the wall in the darkness of night. She discovers a beautiful place, empty and isolated - just like her. She meets a strange boy who does....
ISBN: 9781803026305
Published: 14 December 2023