John Verne and his sister Molly grew up in the confines of a barge, but their upbringing was definitely not the same. Their Mother, Martha, gave all her heart to her husband, Joe and held little affection for her children. When she attempted to dominate and control John, he retaliated with a burning contempt. John became openly sexually active at ten years old. When Ainsley got into John's bed, John discovered a side of life that didn't include women. Their affair lasted beyond childhood. John grew into a highly intelligent, strong-minded man. He travelled the globe with a dream to build an exclusive place where homosexuals could be themselves away from belligerent eyes. Using his acquired wealth, PARADISE VALLEY was born.
ISBN: 9781803029498
Type: Paperback
Pages: 378
Published: 19 October 2023
Price: $12.95

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