This book gives an insight into the solitary wild world of the mountain lion. Lovers of the natural world will find this story interesting and informative. Separated from his mother’s guidance before fully grown. The youngster has to survive alone in a hostile land. Learning from painful mistakes he discovers how to hunt successfully and grows into a fierce predator. Dash has many dangerous encounters along the road to adulthood. Facing death caused by his wilful nature he recovers wiser and stronger to roam the vast terrain unchallenged. His roars of dominance shatter the night silence, striking terror into the hearts man and beast. With no fear, he ventures into the farm lands to slaughter the livestock and feed his growing appetite. Despised by the landowners’ they band together to be rid of him. Chased down by the hunters and their large dogs into he flees into marshland and certain death.
ISBN: 9781786104984
Type: Paperback
Pages: 38
Published: 11 December 2015
Price: $7.67

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