Papa and the Leprechaun King

Enter the realm of the Wee Folk with a group of "Baby Boomer" tourists visiting the enchanted and mystical land of Ireland. Become part of a quest to save the Magic of the Leprechaun King and his realm. Experience the culture, mystery, legends and history of the Emerald Isle as you join Arthur Colonna, his wife Donna and their friends within these pages as they seek to solve a 1500 year old mystery. Be charmed as the Leprechaun King joins forces with these American tourists to save the treasure of his Kingdom, restore his magical powers and thwart the attempts of unsavory characters to find and then steal the King's Pot O' Gold. In short, you shall discover within these pages an even more precious treasure as the Faith tradition, Folklore, Celtic Culture and Ancient Legends come together in a sweeping tale of a magical adventure.
ISBN: 9781781760871
Type: Paperback
Pages: 266
Published: 7 March 2012
Price: $13.95

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