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A retired educator, Arthur Cola is an author of 7 novels (Papa and the Leprechaun King, The Shamrock Crown, The Stone Cutter Genius, The Brooch, Stolen Christmas, Journey of Three Pure Hearts and Pure and Tarnished Hearts) and 4 screenplays based on his books. He has also written a Christmas themed children’s book titled: Papa and the Gingerbread Man. Arthur Cola was born in Chicago in the “Little Italy” neighborhood, of the near west side. His family moved to Oak Park, IL where he attended Oak Park-River Forest High School. While attending Loyola University, Chicago, he met his future wife Donna Shields. Together they have five adult children and six grandchildren. He, his wife and family now live in Wisconsin. He has been an educator for 35 years. During that time he served as a teacher of history and as a school Principal. He received his Master’s Degree from the University of Southern Mississippi and post graduate work at the University of St. Mary of the Lake, Archdiocese of Chicago and Archdiocese of Milwaukee. His research for his novels has brought him to Italy, Ireland, England and Wales and throughout the United States. He conducts tours based on his novels to Ireland and Italy. Roliana S. of Wisconsin USA has this to say about his novel novel: The Brooch. "I just finished reading your "The Brooch". Loved it. Wonderful story, excellent writing and a most welcome message about love." Carol J. of Milwaukee had this to say about his novel: Journey of Three Pure Hearts. I loved the first book of this series, and am sure this one (Pure and Tarnished Hearts) will meet my expectations, as well. I look forward to their immigrant experience in the "new world," and the events that await the characters of this book as they step off their ship and into the hustle of New York City.

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Making icons of history seem real and quite human may be the most challenging aspect of writing a tale of Michelangelo, who is probably the most well-known artist of his time and ours. However, after two self-published books (The Stone Cutter Genius and T....
ISBN: 9781788766005
Published: 16 November 2018
"Bro-Mance" and "Romance" in Victorian Ireland and AmericaJourney of Three Pure Hearts is Book One of "The Doonagore Theft Trilogy." It is a tale of three teens in famine devastated Ireland whose families seek to send them to the land of golden opportunit....
ISBN: 9781784079130
Published: 22 July 2014
Enter the realm of the Wee Folk with a group of "Baby Boomer" tourists visiting the enchanted and mystical land of Ireland. Become part of a quest to save the Magic of the Leprechaun King and his realm. Experience the culture, mystery, legends and history....
ISBN: 9781781760871
Published: 7 March 2012
The silent ringing of a cracked bell summonsyoung Irish immigrants, called the “Celtic Warriors,” to the City of Brotherly Love.Enter a world of a very different America and yet similar in many ways to the present day. The saga continues as Father Thomas ....
ISBN: 9781785107504
Published: 11 May 2015
It is the season celebrating the love born in Bethlehem long ago when in the heart of Chicago’s Little Italy a young Pastor struggles to save his Church in this David and Goliath tale. Two teens from different ethnic backgrounds hide their relationship as....
ISBN: 9781782994398
Published: 17 May 2013
The collision of love, history, mystery,and sexuality impact the lives of six sons. The struggles which result paralell those of Michelangelo who is torn between the love of his life long friend, Francesco Granacci and that of the only woman he ever loved....
ISBN: 9781781765425
Published: 10 July 2012
The Legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table lives once again but not as you may remember their tales from stories shared in your youth. For this is a 21st Century tale in which the legendary knights come into contact with a not so ordinar....
ISBN: 9781782991960
Published: 20 February 2013
A novel blending Renaissance history, mystery, intrique, adventure and a bit of romance too in the present day. A Chicago teacher seeking only to present the Life and Times of the Renaissance Artist Michelangelo takes his class and two teen sons to Italy ....
ISBN: 9781786107633
Published: 22 February 2016
Torn and United Hearts: The third book of the series is a breathtaking adventure which takes the “Celtic Warriors” from their teen years to young adults. Journey with them as they struggle to overcome anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic political sentiment, com....
ISBN: 9781786970459
Published: 9 June 2016