Poems For Modern Ireland

This collection of 50 poems draws upon years of research, experience and love for all things Irish which recounts its heritage, history and identity right upto modern times. In a time of increasing secularization that is rapidly spreading across Europe, Ireland is at the forefront of this modernization which has sadly jettisoned much of its rich and deeply impressionable past and history. The rich tapestry of its ancient Christian roots has been ejected from mainstream society in its desperate bid to play catch up with the rest of the post modern age and has relegated its Christian legacy to the interior subjectivity of the individual, which, and in some cases, has led to a national identity crisis. These poems, interspersed with some personal reflective poetry of the Catholic faith in general, seeks to draw the average reader back to the Land of Saints and Scholars in an attempt to rekindle the lost flame that burned so brightly as a beacon of hope and renewal across the world. In doing so, it has left an indelible mark upon the Irish cultural landscape and further a field.
ISBN: 9781803024615
Type: Paperback
Pages: 80
Published: 19 April 2022
Price: $8.24

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