Poems Songs and Sagas

My book is a compilation as described by the title and covers three genres of poetry, songs and historical saga rhymes. The history pieces are based on two figures one from the 19th century and another from the 11th century. Who although have left a historical mark of significance, are not widely published or read. The first being Edward Louis Nolan of the Crimean War and Charge of the Light Brigade, and Bohemond Prince of Antioch, Norman warlord of southern Italy son of Robert Guiscard, leading light in the first crusade which conquered the holy land and captured Jerusalem in 1099. The poems and songs reflect my growing up in fairly radical times and my personal opinions on life, politics, environmental issues through the looking glass of the rock n roll generation. So providing the reader with a diverse choice of writing that gives a sense of historical adventure, to new wave thought on our cynical times. Most of this compilation was written in the last four years, but does include pieces from 1999 onwards when i first started serious writing.
ISBN: 9781784078034
Type: Paperback
Pages: 96
Published: 23 June 2014
Price: $9.29

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