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I was born in north east Scotland in 1954, and after formal and higher education moved to London where i lived for six years. My career has been spent mainly in the computer and telecomm industry where I worked for thirty years, ending in a position of consultancy. During this time I was lucky enough to work and travel throughout Europe, visiting many historic sites always a great interest and favourite subject along with English. Being an avid reader it also helped in my writing which started around 1999 and developed from there. Since retiring from the computer industry I have also worked as a community support worker, which was an extremely fulfilling experience. Apart from London I've lived in Northampton, Athens and now reside back in north east Scotland, although I still do travel. This is my first publication and I hope it is found as enjoyable to readers as it was to write, hopefully there should be another publication in the near future.

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My book is a compilation as described by the title and covers three genres of poetry, songs and historical saga rhymes. The history pieces are based on two figures one from the 19th century and another from the 11th century. Who although have left a histo....
ISBN: 9781784078034
Published: 23 June 2014