Poppy the Cygnet

A story about love, friendship and forgiveness. Meet Seamus the duck, Marty Mouse, Owen and his friend Lilly and many others. This book is sure to delight children of all ages who love nature and animals. Set in the beautiful picturesque Lough Gur, a rural townland in the Irish countryside, Belle the youngest of the swans sits on her eggs out on the lake waiting for her new cygnets to arrive. The story begins with a great hullabaloo as Raymond the rat is caught stealing one of Belle's eggs. Raymond is banished from the lake for his terrible deed and is warned never to return. Meanwhile, the eggs hatch and much to everyone's excitement Poppy is born, along with her two brothers. Unlike her big strong siblings, Poppy emerges from her egg, tiny and very weak. As the days pass, Poppy becomes more afraid of the water and cannot swim. One day a terrible squall erupts upon the lake of Lough Gur. All the swans and ducks scatter to the bank for safety. All except one. Poppy is trapped on a floating plank of timber. Afraid of the icy water and too scared to swim. She calls out in panic but no one can hear her. Time passes and the storm dies down. All the animals return to the water. Belle calls out Poppy's name but after endless hours of searching cannot find her anywhere...
ISBN: 9781803029405
Type: Paperback
Pages: 154
Published: 10 October 2023
Price: $11.95

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