KATE THOUGHT SHE would do anything to escape the tedium of her job as a primary schoolteacher in the sleepy Irish village of Ballyvaughan. At thirty-two years old, she has never been daring or seen the world. Her evenings usually begin and end in pyjamas and fluffy slippers with a mug of tea nearby, her faithful dog Bobby her only companion. When the opportunity to teach abroad for six months in the wilds of Kenya presents itself, Kate leaps at the chance, thinking at least she deserves a vacation. Soon Kate and her best friend Suzy are riding down a dusty Kenyan road, making their way toward Kate's new assignment. Upon their arrival, Kate meets the headmaster of her new school, Jack, and slowly, an attraction builds between them. Kate has found what she's looking for the majestic beauty of a foreign land and the allure of a whirling romance. Her boring evenings at home seem light years away. But when Suzy is called home unexpectedly, what began as a fun, carefree adventure takes a dangerous and deadly turn. The local Hun Goon tribe dislikes the foreign influence of the Ramduru settlers, of which Kate is now a member. They will do anything to rid their land of unwanted guests-including employing the ancient dark arts of voodoo to crush anyone in their way. Thrilling and engrossing, The Wrath of Voodoo explores Kate's descent into the heart of darkness, and her desperate attempt to escape it with her life.
ISBN: 9781803029368
Type: Paperback
Pages: 224
Published: 10 October 2023
Price: $12.65

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