Praying on the move - rosary prayers for walking

An collection of prayers written for use with a rosary whilst walking. Using a set of prayers easy to memorise, walking has a rhythmic, stilling effect which, when combined with the use of rosary beads to anchor you to your place in the prayer cycle, helps you to stay in the present, pulling in the life of the world around you into your time with God. Using prayer beads for Christians has been a mindfulness technique used down the centuries and Gerard W.Hughes SJ has written of the original use of rosaries being one of prayers said whilst walking along, usually on pilgrimage. Returning the rosary to its first usage means the ability to fit a stilling form of prayer in with a busy life - walking down to the shops is transformed into your prayer time. Written in a simple, hauntingly poetic style and drawing from many sources, including the Psalms, these prayers will enrich your prayer life, being ideal for use whilst walking from A to B, sitting at home to pray, as part of prayer for a walking retreat or simply whilst quietly pacing around a cathedral. Also includes other advice for prayer in a busy life.
ISBN: 9781782990222
Type: Paperback
Pages: 111
Published: 7 December 2012
Price: $11.27

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